The Piscatorial Society

How to join

We are always delighted to welcome applications for membership from those who share our love of the fish, the sport, the wildlife, the landscapes and the camaraderie.

Our style of river fishing and our overall approach to the sport is based on long tradition and thus not to everyone’s taste. People looking to catch large numbers of stocked fish or wanting to take more than an occasional trout for the pot, may find that other organisations offer more appropriate opportunities.

Our trout season on the rivers opens in mid-April and closes at the end of September, while grayling fishing is from 16 June to 31 December. Our two lakes, close to our stretch of the upper Test, are open all year round.

An annual subscription entitles members to fish on any day of the year, and – unusually – to invite a guest onto most of our beats for a small fee and with no need to book. In addition, new members pay a joining fee equivalent to one annual subscription.

To ensure that members have plenty of space on our waters we limit fishing membership to a maximum number, reviewed annually. New members are inducted at the start of each season, but before that date can arrange to gain access to our intranet, attend meetings, receive copies of the Journal and, by arrangement with the Secretary, enjoy some winter grayling fishing.

For an information pack, please contact the Secretary via [email protected].

One of the world’s oldest angling clubs, employing traditional fly fishing techniques on the chalk streams of southern England