The Piscatorial Society

How to join

We are always delighted to welcome applications for membership from those who share our love of the fish, the sport, the wildlife, the landscapes and the camaraderie.

Our members can fish on 365 days a year – the trout season is from 15 April to 30 September, when the rivers switch to grayling until 31 December, after which the lakes remain available throughout the winter.

An annual subscription entitles members to fish all our rivers and lakes, and – unusually – to invite a guest onto most of our waters free of charge. In addition, new members pay a joining fee equivalent to one annual subscription into our Development Fund. This provides the finance for a wide range of Society initiatives from research to larger-scale fishery enhancement.

Fishers on the waiting list gain access to the intranet, Society meetings and The Journal, while those paying their joining fee up front can also fish for grayling form October to December.

Some of our beats are bookable to keep fishing pressure at sustainable levels and we manage this – and comprehensive catch return feedback – though our intranet.

To learn more about joining the Society and receive a copy of our guide for prospective members, a link to our application form and a recent Annual Fisheries Report, email the Secretary – [email protected] – who will be able to answer any further questions you might have.

One of the world’s oldest angling clubs, employing traditional fly fishing techniques on the chalk streams of southern England